Spectrum O & P So. Medford

South Medford Spectrum Main

You asked, we listened!  Our South Medford location is our newest addition to the Spectrum Orthotics & Prosthetics Inc. family of offices.  As our Medford practice has grown together with the community, we have recognized that we can better serve our patients by providing a second location in Medford that is closer to those living in southern Medford, Pheonix, Talent, and Ashland.  Our new location also provides convenient access to orthotic and prosthetic care to patients receiving medical care at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center and the surrounding medical offices.

Our South Medford location follows in the footsteps of our North Medford office with the philosophy that our clients are why we exist.  We understand that if we don’t take care of you then somebody else will and we therefore strive to provide the best care possible to keep your loyalty as a patient.  The staff at our South Medford office is friendly, experienced, and trained in the latest technologies.  All of our practitioners are certified by the American Board of Certification to meet the highest standards of our industry and profession.  We welcome patients to our office with the promise that they can depend on us to treat them as family and care for them with kindness, integrity, dignity, and respect.  Our consistently reliable and high quality service has allowed Spectrum to build strong relationships with the local medical community which allows us to proficiently work together as a team with your health care providers to provide optimal rehabilitation outcomes.

Spectrum Orthotics & Prosthetics Inc. has a central fabrication facility here in Medford which is staffed with several skilled O&P technicians.  This central fabrication facility gives us the ability to efficiently fabricate custom molded products locally to avoid shipping delays and maintain timely product turnaround.  Furthermore, we select our devices and components based on quality and take our time to find the specific product options that best meet the precise needs of each individual patient. Spectrum understands that our clients have trusted us to meet their needs and we feel honored by their choice. We pledge to do everything in our power to ensure that you receive state of the art patient care, products, and services.  We look forward to meeting you and hope to see you at our office sometime soon!