Healthy Tips to Stay Energized

Staying energized during the day can be a challenge. If you wake up without your coffee, it can really throw the whole day off. You start to feel tired and before you know by the time 5pm rolls around your ready to go home and relax. To help combat daily fatigue and loss of energy we have put together some tips to help you stay focused and energized throughout the day. Follow this advice to have a more productive day.

1) Get enough sleep. Make sure you are getting at 7-8 hours of sleep. Studies show when your sleep derived, it can be the same mindset as being intoxicated.

2) Have a good healthy breakfast. Skip the milk and sugary cereal and go for  something more hearty that will keep you feeling full and energized until lunch. Steel cut oats are a good option, incorporating fruit into your morning routine as well as protein such as avocado or an easy egg are good choices. Try replacing your coffee with tea, believe it or not tea is big energy booster and has many health benefits as a bonus.  Most teas have a high caffeine content and your body handles it better than coffee.

3) Add a workout routine into you life. Whether your an early morning person or an evening one, adding some sort of exercise into your routine will help you feel more energized and fall asleep faster at night. Try walking around the block with a friend to keep yourself accountable. Biking to work is also a great alternative.

4) Keep a journal. If you don’t have time to write in a journal, try summing up your day with one sentence each evening. This will help you feel at ease with your daily events and let go.

5) Take breaks at work. Do not sit at your desk all day without moving at least every 60-90 minutes. Get up and get some water for 5-10 min to break apart your day. This will help the break the day into chunks that seem more manageable rather than just one long 8 hour stretch.

6) Go outside. Pack a healthy lunch and eat outside on the next nice day at work. This will boost your mood and give you a change of scenery. You will walk back into work feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of the day.

7) Stretch. Take time to help your circulation and do some stretching exercises at your desk. This is very important to avoid long term back or neck problems if you sit in one place all day. If you do have problems, consider switching to a standup desk.