Spectrum Orthotics and Prosthetics featured on the Jefferson Exchange!

Prosthetic technology has come a long way since, Forest Sexton, CPO and Founder/Owner of  Spectrum O & P started working in the O&P business, 35 years ago. Recently, Forest Sexton,CPO was featured on the Jefferson Public Radio program: The Jefferson Exchange. Among the topics discussed were the process of making a prosthetic, and the latest in Orthotic and Prosthetic technology. One of the … Read More

Join Spectrum for a Special Night with Ottobock!

Spectrum is partnering with Ottobock for an exciting and informational night.  Join us for an exciting event highlighting all the latest upper and lower limb prosthetic and orthotic technology. Great products, quality outcomes and powerful stories will make your decisions easier. Space is limited, so register today. RSVP FULL Agenda Greetings / Welcome – light refreshments Interactive Presentation How does … Read More

How Video Games Can Benefit Your Health

When people think of video games, they think of people sitting on the couch all day and eating fast food. The word introvert comes to mind as well, avoiding interaction with people and physical exercise. However this is not the case. Recently studies have come out that show promise in helping children with Muscular Dystrophy and even people with stroke … Read More

How to Reduce Muscle Cramping

Muscle cramps can cause significant pain. They can wake you up in the night, or interfere with your daily workout. A muscle cramp is a sudden and involuntary contraction of one or more of your muscles. They are also known as a “charley horse” or a muscle spasm. When a muscle cramps it is protecting itself from being overstretched. Here … Read More

New Years Resolution for Your Feet

With the new year comes new resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is to get fit and stay healthy. January and February are when the gym is the most crowded and when people decide to start getting back in shape. Unfortunately not everyone know what is best for your feet during this time. Here are some new years fitness … Read More

How to stay safe and healthy on New Years Eve

The annual New Years Eve party is something everyone looks forward to every year. Before you go out and enjoy the party, read over these tips, and stay safe and healthy as you ring in 2015! Pace yourself – If you plan on drinking on New Years Eve, try pacing yourself. Add extra club soda or tonic to your drink, … Read More