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When we think of Thanksgiving we think of Family and Friends around the dinner table enjoying a turkey dinner with all the fixings. Memories of Grandma baking her signature pumpkin pie come to mind and having the family together for the first time all year. We all love and enjoy Thanksgiving so why stress about preparing Thanksgiving dinner? As people get older it know that arthritis pain can become increasingly apparent and just the thought of cutting up all those vegetables for turkey stuffing can make you feel overwhelmed. Here are some Thanksgiving tips to help reduce joint pain and to enjoy you day to the fullest.

  • Sit down and write out a menu. This will help you feel more organized and less stressed about what you will be serving.
  •  Assign a dish for each person attending to bring. For example, mashed potatoes are an easy side dish than anyone can prepare. If you want to be extra healthy this year you could try Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes or these  Mashed Potato Substitutes 
  • Look for healthy Arthritis friendly recipes to help reduce pain.
  • Such as fruits and vegatables, Whole wheat grains, Oils high in omega 3 fatty acids like flaxseed oil and olive oil. Click here for recipes.
  • Try opening plastic cartons with a ring or something that will give you some leverage.
  • Cut Vegetables with an Apple Cutter. According to Chef Melinda Winner This works well for vegetables like potatoes, cucumber and summer squash.
  • Use your forearms to roll out dough.
  • Invest in a padded rug or mat for you kitchen to stand on during meal prep. Also have chair in kitchen to sit down when needed.
  • Takes breaks when you need them. Overdoing it can make things worse so take a break when you feel tired or feel pain.

We hope you take these tips and have a pain free thanksgiving!