Spectrum/Ottobock Prosthetic Gait and Stance Control Course

This seminar will provide physical therapists, physicians and other healthcare workers an overview of the functions and benefits of prosthetic knees and Stance Control KAFOs. The course includes lecture and patient case study/demonstration. BBQ Lunch and wine tasting will be served after the course. CEUS Awarded 4. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Course Objectives (Prosthetics) Describe the key phases of the gait … Read More

Orthotics for Multiple Sclerosis

Orthotics are lightweight inserts you can wear inside your shoes. They can keep you more stable and ease fatigue. They also can brace your feet, which can help if you have spasticity. Fatigue, pain and difficulty walking are all symptom’s of multiple sclerosis (MS). Using orthotics to manage and improve balance can make daily life much more comfortable. With the technology of … Read More

Spectrum O&P and Ottobock Technology Event

Spectrum O&P of Chico is partnering with Ottobock for an exciting and informational night. We’re making pushing for the right product easier. Join us for an exciting event highlighting all the latest upper and lower limb prosthetic and orthotic technology. Great products, quality outcomes and powerful stories will make your decisions easier. Space is limited, so register today. Spectrum O&P, … Read More

Thank for joining us at the “Spectrum Night” Spartans Game!

We had blast with everyone who joined us at the “Spectrum Night” Spartans game! We would like to thank Southern Oregon Orthopedics and Oregon Surgical Specialist for being our guests of honor at the Spectrum Spartan game! We had a great time playing Broomball and getting to know everyone. We appreciate everyone we work with and we look forward to … Read More

Rescind the Medicare proposal restricting access to prosthetic limbs!

**URGENT NOTICE** If you are an amputee or interested in the welfare of amputees please take a moment to read this. Medicare, through its contractors, has proposed new coverage, coding, and clinical care guidelines that would have a profoundly negative impact on amputees across the United States. In an attempt to “sneak” these profound and life changing policies through Medicare … Read More

How the Follow Through Technique can Improve Motor Memory Skills

Researchers at Cambridge and Plymouth University , have suggested that by practicing the same movement over and over, one will improve their memory. This is known as the “follow through” movement (the completion of a motion). This can be described as the swing of a golf club, the playing of an instrument or the swing of a tennis racket. Performing … Read More

How Video Games Can Benefit Your Health

When people think of video games, they think of people sitting on the couch all day and eating fast food. The word introvert comes to mind as well, avoiding interaction with people and physical exercise. However this is not the case. Recently studies have come out that show promise in helping children with Muscular Dystrophy and even people with stroke … Read More

How to Reduce Muscle Cramping

Muscle cramps can cause significant pain. They can wake you up in the night, or interfere with your daily workout. A muscle cramp is a sudden and involuntary contraction of one or more of your muscles. They are also known as a “charley horse” or a muscle spasm. When a muscle cramps it is protecting itself from being overstretched. Here … Read More