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Spectrum O & P in Oregon and California

At each of our Spectrum locations, we have experienced and professional staff that are well-versed with treating diagnoses and mobility needs of amputees, athletes, children, elderly, and as well as those with foot disorders, sports injuries, congenital and pediatric amputees, etc.  They work with physicians and doctor referrals to give each person the highest level of care and support, using the best in components and latest technology.  Spectrum O & P is able to provide custom fitted prosthetics & orthotics, whether made from lightweight plastics & resins or carbon fiber, or from the latest in myo-electric technology to complement each person’s lifestyle & goals.  Below are Spectrum Orthotic & Prosthetic offices in Oregon and Northern California.  Click on the city below of the Spectrum office you’d like to link to.

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Spectrum O & P is committed to providing each person the highest level of service & products!