Yuba City

Welcome to Spectrum Orthotics & Prosthetics in Yuba City!

Our Yuba City facility features a large production area for the design and manufacture of our custom prosthetic and orthotic products. Most facilities tend to outsource their products to other companies for fabrication.

By doing our own in house fabrication allows us to eliminate the majority of errors that are inherent with communicating detailed information, long distance from one person to another, i.e. from the practitioner who actually evaluates and measures the patient to the production worker who has never seen the patient and must make the device without the benefit of the practitioner’s supervision and input.

Here at Spectrum Yuba City, the same highly trained practitioner who evaluates and measures you also fabricates and works hand-in-hand with the technician who fabricates your device. This process ensures that the orthotic or prosthetic device you receive will have the highest degree of intimate fit and finish available.

In addition to the quality and fit advantages, manufacturing in-house allows us to produce and deliver the finished device with minimal interruption to the schedule, and any necessary adjustments or modifications can be made immediately during the fitting appointment. This allows the patient to return to their everyday lives that much more quickly.

Providing Prosthetic and Orthotic services to Yuba City and Sutter counties since 2013.