Grants Pass

Welcome to Spectrum Orthotics & Prosthetics in Grants Pass!

Our Grants Pass office features a very large on-site fabrication facility to design and produce all of our custom orthotics and prosthetics. The facility accommodates state of the fabrication materials and production equipment to produce the best possible orthoses and prostheses.

All of our practitioners are ABC practitioners are certified and our facility is ABC accredited. You will be welcomed as family when you enter into the doors of our very friendly and hospitable environment of the Grants Pass Office.

We offer one-on-one consultation where all your concerns will be answered and your input and ideas can be interjected.

What to Expect

For most patients, an amputation represents more than a loss of limb, it is a major emotional loss as well. This emotional and physical loss requires time for adjustment and it is a natural part of the grieving process. Every patient is different we understand that each person will have a unique story and experience during this difficult process.

Do not underestimate your level of success. A majority of patients measure success by accomplishing everyday tasks such going to the grocery store or simply watering the flowers in your garden. The most important thing is to be realistic and think positive.

Spectrum will work closely with you and identify your individual needs and most importantly make sure you are comfortable with your new device. Spectrum invites you to let us become not only your mobility partner, but also your support and partner of choice for all of your mobility needs. Our advanced prosthetic and orthotic knowledge combined with Spectrum’s family-like environment will make you know that you are receiving the best care possible.

Spectrum Prosthetics and Orthotics endeavors to be a community resource for allied medical professionals creating a multidisciplinary team approach to provide service to individuals with physical obstacles in their lives and provide the tools they need to lead independent lives.

We achieve this through research-based medicine, comprehensive and compassionate care while perched at the forefront of advancing technology and techniques with dedication to empowering individuals with mobility and self-confidence. Mission Statement

We look forward to giving you the highest quality in custom prosthetics and orthotics!