Testimony Stories

Through the years at Spectrum O & P Santa Rosa, we have been instrumental in helping many people regain mobility and develop confidence as they move forward in life. With every orthotic or prosthetic device we make and custom fit, our goal has remained the same – to enhance each person’s quality of life. Here are some testimonies from a few people we’ve helped.

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Santa Rosa Testimonies
Santa Rosa Testimonies

Testimony #1

Bill Shea has been my son’s Orthotist for the past 13 years. I still remember the first day we met him. I explained that Brian was difficult to cast and would probably need to be mildly sedated. Bill didn’t blink an eye, and said things would be just fine. He engaged my then 3 year old and enlisted his help in the casting process. Bill earned my son’s trust right away, and they have been friends ever since. When asked to describe Bill in one word, Brian signs “cool.”

When I think of Bill, I immediately am struck by his tireless effort to go the extra step for his clients. He works hard to understand each client’s unique needs and looks for innovative solutions to allow them to achieve their optimum levels of comfort and ability. His many years of experience gives him a vast amount of knowledge and the creativity to offer out-of-the-box solutions. Many years ago my son had a PT who thought the basic AFO’s would be fine. Bill doesn’t settle for “fine.” He created a hinged AFO with inserts and cushioning that were an answer to our prayers. No longer were we battling his tone in a static AFO. Instead his foot and ankle were able to bend, which in turn allowed his feet to be much calmer in his wheelchair.

Not only is Bill a great Orthotist, he is a trusted friend.

Testimony #2

I have been an amputee for 15 years. I lost my right leg below the knee, 1/2 of my left foot, and all my fingers but my left thumb. For the first few years I couldn’t walk without a cane. I was in constant pain. My prosthetic didn’t fit well and when I walked I “lurched”. Then I met Bill. I have a very unusual alignment, and while other prosthetists tried to force me to walk on a leg that was “bench aligned”, Bill listened to me and adjusted my leg to work for me.

Bill thought outside the box, never giving up on helping me walk better. I was very active before my amputations and I was determined to return to most if not all of the things I could do before. Bill made sure I had the best foot I could get to help me accomplish this. He was always looking for a way to relieve the pain I was in when I stood on my left foot. He finally found the solution, a silicone bootie that pads the bottom of my foot and cushions the bone. I no longer “lurch” when I walk and if I wear long pants you can’t tell I am wearing a prosthetic. I am a strong walker and because of Bill I returned to all of the activities I did before, I’ve even added a few!

Over the years, Bill has become more than just my prosthetist. He has become my friend. He doesn’t just work 9 to 5 but is always available day or night if I have an issue with my leg. One day at work, my titanium foot cracked. I couldn’t walk on it. My co-worker used packing tape to stabilize it so I could finish out my work day. I messaged Bill and he told me to stop by his house on my way home. Bill was at home that day because he was sick, but he didn’t hesitate to come to my rescue. He fixed me up so I could walk until he could order a new foot. I have messaged Bill at midnight because I couldn’t get my leg off, no matter what I did, it was stuck tight. Bill stayed on the phone with me until I got the leg off and made sure I was able to put it on and off without any further problems. How many people would have done that? Not any of the doctors or prosthetists I’ve worked with over the years. I am living a full, productive life as an amputee thanks to Bill Shea.

Spectrum O & P Santa Rosa would like the privilege of helping to make your life a better one!