Inspirational Athlete September 2016

Our inspirational person of the month is Johnny Brownlee. On September 18th 2016, Johnny was leading the World Triathlon race in Mexico with only one kilometer to go. Johnny was exhausted and began to stumble during the race, when a few moments later his brother, Alistair caught up with him and put his arm around him to stop him from collapsing. Alistair held on to his brother all the way to the finish line, pushing him forward so he could take second.

Johnny was later to the hospital. But not before the whole thing was caught on camera. Johnny later tweeted from the hospital thanking his brother for his incredible loyalty. ¬†Alistair helped keep his brothers dreams alive by helping him win the race. However he ended losing by four points to Mario Mola. Mario later stated, “This was not how I wanted to win the world championship, When I heard Jonny isn’t feeling well, I thought ‘I need to fight to the end’.

“We want everyone to be safe after the finish line, it’s not the way I wanted it, but that’s triathlon.”