Inspirational Person of the Month: Justin Williams

Justin Williams, CPO is our new practitioner at Spectrum’s 2nd Medford office located on Murphy Road across the street from Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.  Last week he traveled back to Hospital Loma De Luz in Balfate, Honduras for his 2nd medical mission trip there together with an orthopedic surgeon, a neurosurgeon, an anesthesiologist, a physical therapist, an x-ray/cast tech, and 2 nurses.

Honduras is the nation with the highest murder rate in the world and 80% of the population in Honduras lives in poverty making it the 2nd poorest country in Central America.  The medical team worked together to provide desperately needed specialized care at a small non-profit Christian hospital located in the jungles of the North Coast of Honduras.

Justin provided orthotic & prosthetic patient care at Hospital Loma De Luz including 4 prosthetic legs, 3 pediatric KAFO leg braces, a pediatric scoliosis spinal brace, and a pediatric WHFO for a young orphan who developed radial nerve palsy after sustaining 2 gun shots to the arm while trying to save his parents from being murdered by criminals.  Spectrum is happy to offer our specialized services to give some hope to disabled patients struggling to survive in such a tragic region of the world.

We would like to share some of their inspirational stories  and pictures they encountered along the way. The work they do makes a huge difference for the communities they visit.